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Technical innovation

Underpinning our work is our commitment to the ongoing development of high quality technical innovation. This commitment is driven by our highly skilled Research & Development team whose focus is on new product development and further enhancement of our existing product portfolio.

As a domain name registry, the most important technology we deal with is the Domain Name System. The Domain Name System is the internet’s equivalent of a telephone directory. An essential part of the internet, it stores the names of computers and their IP addresses. Every time you use a browser to look at a web site or send email, your computer will use the DNS.

In addition to this, we are committed to further securing the Domain Name System zones under our management. We do this through DNSSEC – Domain Name System secure extensions.

DNSSEC is a way of proving that the information received in response from a DNS query came from the nameserver authorised to return it, and was not modified in transit.

By using DNSSEC, which use public-key cryptography and digital signatures, we can help prove that a DNS response is not forged. This in turn helps to minimise the risk of .uk domains being ‘attacked’ by a third party for potential misuse.

DNSSEC has been gradually introduced into the global DNS infrastructure. It is the latest technical innovation helping to keep our registry safe and secure and forms part of our ongoing programme of technical research and development.

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