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Giving something back

Public purpose lies at the heart of what we do. Through the Nominet Trust we invest in social programmes that use the internet to make a positive impact on society. We also encourage our people to get involved in fundraising for charities of their choice.

Projects the Nominet Trust has invested in include the Big Society Broadband Project, Childnet’s Youth IGF project and many more.

We support charitable fundraising by our employees by match-funding their efforts pound for pound and encouraging participation at all levels. Our Charity Action Group includes representatives from all departments and organises fund raising events throughout the year. We also have a nominated charity that we support as an organisation each year.

Nominated charity

Our chosen charity for this year is Oxford Food Bank.

The Oxford Food Bank collects good quality fresh food that would otherwise get thrown away by local supermarkets and wholesalers, and delivers it for free to many local charities.

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