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A force for good

At Nominet, we are committed to ensuring that the internet can be a force for good.

As the guardian of the .uk infrastructure we play a critical role in the UK internet providing a trusted online home for millions of British businesses. We are also committed to working globally to develop an internet space that benefits all.

Having built an internationally respected registry, with a reputation for technical excellence and great customer service, we regularly contribute to the development of best practice, technical standards and global internet policy, using our influence and skills to support the development of safety and security on the internet.

‘With the proceeds of our business, we set up and support the Nominet Trust, an independent charitable foundation that brings together, invests in and supports projects committed to using digital technology to make society better.’

We also help users to make the most out of the internet by investing in our educational site Knowthenet, which provides tips and advice on how to stay safe, legal and informed online. A public purpose agenda is firmly at the heart of all we do and we work closely with national and international organisations to help make the internet a better and more secure place.

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