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What we do

Nominet plays a critical role in the UK internet infrastructure. As guardian of the UK domain namespace we provide a trusted online home for millions of British businesses.

Since we were established in 1996, our business has seen consistent growth. We passed the 10 million domain names milestone in 2012 and we have built an internationally respected registry, with a reputation for technical excellence and outstanding customer service. 

With the proceeds of our registry business, we set up and support the Nominet Trust, an independent charitable foundation set up in 2008 to invest in projects to harness the positive power of the internet.

We work closely with others in the international internet sphere. This includes ICANN (the international body responsible for domain names) and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), where matters of who and how the internet is run are discussed. In this regard, Nominet contributes to policy discussions and technical fora, working with others to tackle cyber-crime, and helping shape the future of the internet.

We also play our part in promoting a healthy digital economy, for example with our ‘Know the net’ campaigns, to educate consumers about how to stay safe online.

Nominet has big ambitions. We aim to build on our strengths as an internationally respected registry to capitalise on a range of new opportunities in the domain name space and the broader internet arena.

We have been chosen by several brands and communities to launch and manage new top level domains (including .cymru, .wales and .bbc) under a major new liberalisation of the domain name space.

With our launch of .cymru and .wales domains, businesses, organisations, individuals, and anyone who wants to address the Welsh market have a new way of standing out from the crowd and promoting their Welsh identity.

Operating with a clear mission and vision, we are a private not-for-profit company. We have over 2,800 members and are committed to acting in the public interest.

We employ 130 staff at our Oxford base and have a current annual turnover of £27m+.

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