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What we do

As a public purpose internet company, we have been running the .uk, country code Top Level Domain name registry since 1996 and will be running the .cymru and .wales domains from 2014. This includes protecting, promoting and supporting the online presence of more than 10 million domain names.

Our work touches on many areas ranging from enhanced internet security, to investment in social programmes that use the internet and the development of internet standards and policy. In addition to playing a major role in facilitating the UK internet economy, we work closely with international organisations on issues including internet governance and seek ways that we can help make the internet a better place. We have a strong reputation in the international domain market, built on a solid foundation of expertise and accumulated knowledge acquired through our years of experience working with the internet as it has developed to what it is today.

Our products and services include an award-winning dispute resolution service, as well as operational support for domain name holders (registrants) and the businesses that sell domain names (registrars). We also provide a domain name look up service, WHOIS, and other services which allow users to search for available domains.

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