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Three-way contract

When you register a domain name you enter into two separate binding contracts: one is with Nominet UK and the other is with your registrar.

Contract with Nominet UK

Our Terms and Conditions are binding. The registration entitles you to be a domain name holder i.e. to use a domain name for an agreed time period however you do not become the owner of the name and if the name is not renewed, it becomes available for other potential applicants to register.

Contract with a registrar

This contract is between you and your registrar –  we are not party to it at Nominet. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure that you understand your rights and obligations under this contract and in particular the implications of what would happen in the event of a breakdown in commercial dealings with your registrar.

Make sure that your contract stipulates that the domain name is registered in your name and not in the name of the registrar.

Contract between registrar and Nominet

Registrars are subject to a Registrar Agreement with us which sets out how we expect registrars to behave in respect of our registration systems, commitments to registrants, the maintenance of data and our payment terms.

Our complaints procedure is available for anyone to complain or raise concerns about a registrar who may be in breach of the registrar agreement. 


 Diagram: How the three-way contract operates.

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