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WHOIS tool

WHOIS lookup

Enter the domain name you wish to check in the WHOIS search box and click on 'Look up'. Ensure you put in the whole of the domain name e.g. ''.

The WHOIS searches the .uk register database for the domain name and then returns a message with information about the domain name you searched for.

The NEW shorter, sharper .uk domain

We have modified the output of the WHOIS, so that you can find out about right of registration for the new .uk domains. 

So, to find out who (if anyone) has the right of registration, whether '' or '', please type the NEW '' into the search box.

For more information on the new domain please visit

Responses from WHOIS

The three main responses you may receive from the WHOIS are:

  • Domain name is already registered
  • Domain name is not found (which normally means it has not been registered and is therefore available if you wish to do so)
  • An error message

For more information on WHOIS responses please see our detailed instructions.

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