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  • Girls in IT: State of the Nation

    23 April 2015
    To mark International Girls in ICT day, Nominet has created a snapshot of how female talent is being developed in the UK.Held on the fourth Thursday of April each year, Girls in ICT day is a global initiative aimed at encouraging girls to consider careers in the field of information and communication technologies.
  • BLOG - What the election manifestos mean for internet policy - David Abrahams

    22 April 2015
    By David Abrahams, Head of Public PolicyLast week saw the UK’s General Election campaign move from the ‘phoney war’ to the start of the real battle, with the main UK parties publishing their election manifestos. So what do they tell us about the parties’ plans for the internet and the wider technology sectorPromises or shopping lists?
  • BLOG - Google favouring mobile friendly sites will be better for users - Simon McCalla

    21 April 2015
    Today, Google has started to roll out a new algorithm that decides how their search engine will rank websites when searched from a mobile device. Google famously keeps the recipe for their search ‘secret sauce’ closely to their chests, leaving the SEO community to try and establish what each update actually means for website owners. Unusually, this time, Google chose to give fair warning as to the content of their next major update: namely, make sure that your site is optimised not just for desktop computers, but tablets, phones and touch screens.
  • Registrant behaviour market research

    17 April 2015
    In the coming weeks, we’ll be conducting research with a randomly selected sample of .uk domain registrants in order to gain a better understanding of consumer demographics, domain buying behaviour and sentiment in selecting UK domain names.The research will be performed via an online questionnaire on our behalf by an agency called Insight Engineers, although the email inviting registrants to complete the survey will be sent from Nominet. Thank you to those who take the time to complete this survey.
  • Telephone service switch over

    7 April 2015
    Nominet will be switching from a fixed line telephone system to a new digital network today (14 April).The new solution is more resilient and will allow us to handle calls from alternative locations in the event that our offices were inaccessible.The switchover will take place on Tuesday 14 April between 10am and 11am. During this time it will not be possible for us to receive incoming calls. Dialling out from Nominet should remain unaffected.All our other systems including email will continue to work as normal during this time.
  • Nominations open for non-executive director elections 2015

    26 March 2015
    Nominet is now seeking nominations for member-elected non-executive directors. Working at the heart of the UK internet, Nominet Board directors make decisions to secure a successful future for the company.This year, members will vote for two non-executive directors. Those elected would serve a three-year term.Members of Nominet may propose individuals to stand for election. The person standing does not need to be a member of Nominet, but only members can propose, second and vote.
  • BLOG - Drones, sensors and the Internet of Things – Simon McCalla

    18 March 2015
    This month an influential committee of the House of Lords met to discuss the rapid rise in ownership of civilian ‘drones’ and the safety, social and economic impact these are having on the UK. Recognising that this is an exciting and innovative industry from which the UK is already starting to benefit financially, they also questioned the challenges of having many inexperienced pilots taking small mechanised craft and flying them in the UK’s open air space.
  • Consultation now open – Contact data collection and publication in the .UK WHOIS

    12 March 2015
    Nominet is consulting on a proposed policy to clarify what data about domain-holders is published in the .UK WHOIS and, regardless of what’s published, ensure we have the accurate data essential for running .UK.Our objective is to balance playing our part in running a safe and trusted internet with an increasing desire for privacy online.We’re seeking feedback on two aspects:
  • BLOG - Why we’re consulting on our WHOIS contact data policy - Eleanor Bradley

    12 March 2015
    By Eleanor Bradley, Chief Operating OfficerAs the single official, authoritative database of .UK domains, Nominet has to balance running a responsible registry with an increasing desire for privacy online. In recent months we’ve seen the emergence of two trends impacting on this.
  • Annual General Meeting documents now electronic only for members opted-in to email

    12 March 2015
    Starting this year, members who have selected “Contact me by email” as their preferred method for membership-related communications will no longer be posted a printed copy of Nominet’s Notice of Annual General Meeting, Annual Report and Accounts, and Director Elections voting papers. Members who have selected “Contact me by email” will receive these materials via email. This email is sent to the email address held against the voting contact for the account.


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