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  • New .cymru and .wales domain names get off to a flying start

    2 March 2015
    .cymru and .wales sell over 5,000 in the first 24 hours, more than a 1,000 in the first hour. New Welsh domain names - .cymru and .wales - have just passed the five thousand mark, selling over a thousand new domains in the first hour yesterday. The new gTLDS went on sale to everyone at noon on St David’s Day.
  • The web gets more Welsh with the launch of new internet domains

    1 March 2015
    St David’s Day marks general availability of brand new .cymru and .wales domains.Nominet, the organisation responsible for the smooth running of the .UK internet, today announces that two brand new domain name endings for Wales - .cymru and .wales – will be available to everyone from St. David’s Day, Sunday 1st March.
  • BLOG - Green light for TV white space technology - Simon McCalla

    12 February 2015
    Ofcom have today announced that they are going ahead with a UK-wide ‘TV white space’ network. This new network will use the radio spectrum freed up by the closing down of the analogue TV signals. Instead of auctioning this spectrum to the highest bidder, Ofcom have decided to allow anyone to use these frequencies, free of charge. This opens up exciting possibilities in the short-term for connecting grids of sensors together and in the long-term for devices to talk directly to each other and to act together to share information.
  • Response to Ofcom’s TV white space policy announcement today

    12 February 2015
    Ofcom has today announced the next stage of its plans to utilise TV white space (TVWS), a project Nominet has been involved with since October 2013.
  • Discontinuance by Cartier of its claim for an injunction against Nominet

    11 February 2015
    We are pleased to announce that the action by Cartier against Nominet has been discontinued. Nominet runs a respected and responsible registry, and will continue to use our established and effective processes to tackle both criminal activity in the namespace and registrations made in bad faith. We will not be commenting further. 
  • Safer Internet Day 2015: Insights and advice from Knowthenet

    10 February 2015
    It’s Safer Internet Day today, which promotes the safe and responsible use of online technology among young people. To mark the day, we commissioned some new research for our information and advice site Knowthenet which looked at parents’ attitudes to their children’s use of social media. It reveals some interesting insights on both the benefits and the challenges of children’s exposure to social networks.
  • More domain security now available for all .uk registrants

    5 February 2015
    Nominet has been investing significantly to help all .uk owners protect their domains. Following a successful launch to registrars last October, from today, registrants can opt to use two-factor authentication access to our Online Services. This is a two-step verification process which provides an extra layer of security to users accessing online systems.
  • Nominet's Cath Goulding named Security Champion of the Year

    30 January 2015
    Nominet's Head of Information Security, Cath Goulding, was awarded Security Champion of the Year at last night's inaugural Women in IT Awards ceremony in London.Aimed at recognising outstanding work within IT security, the award was presented by Bletchley Park codebreaker Betty Webb, who received a standing ovation as she took to the stage.
  • Russell Haworth joins Nominet today as CEO

    5 January 2015
    Following the announcement in October last year, Russell Haworth has joined Nominet today as its CEO.  He will lead the organization as it continues to develop its core registry business, explores the potential of new technologies, and plays its part in ensuring the internet fulfils its potential as a force for good.
  • Time to – .cymru and .wales are open to everyone from today

    29 December 2014
    From today, anyone can apply for .cymru and .wales domain names. So if you’re proud about being Welsh, or the Welsh connection is important to your business, now you can celebrate that by giving your website a name that ends in .cymru or .wales. If more than one person wants to register a domain, an auction will determine who will win the registration.


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