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Current policy discussions and consultations

Our .uk policy process encourages participation from a broad range of interested stakeholders.

Our commitment to working in the public interest means we engage stakeholders when we formulate .uk policy. We welcome stakeholder feedback as a useful means to inform our understanding of policy issues and how they might affect different communities as well as helping us to understand the varied priorities of our stakeholders.

Review of the .uk Registrar Agreement

The .uk Registrar Agreement is the contract that governs the commercial relationship between Nominet and registrars who act as the sales channel for the .uk domain names.

Current status: We have now finalised a new Agreement which came into force on 18 March 2014.

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Data Quality Policy

The Data Quality Policy sets out our commitment to high standards of data quality and the expectations that we have of registrars.
Current status: We have now finalised a Data Quality Policy, which comes into force on 7 May 2014.

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Review of domain registration policy & the terms and conditions governing registration

We aided an independently chaired review of our registration policy for .uk domain names. The scope of the review focused on whether there should be restrictions on the words and expressions permitted in .uk domain name registrations. An outcome of the review was a recommendation that Nominet also make it clear that use of a .uk domain name for criminal purposes is not permitted and will be suspended or de-registered.

Current status: The registration policy has been amended to incorporate all of the changes recommended in Lord Macdonald’s review. Amendments to the terms and conditions governing .uk domain name registrations will come into force on 4th May to formalise procedures for suspending domain names used to carry out online crime

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