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Previous policy discussions and consultations

We include below some details and background of recent policy discussions and consultations:

.cymru and .wales consultation

Nominet conducted a 12 week public consultation between December 2012 and February 2013 on our plans for the new internet domains for Wales.  The plans for .cymru and .wales domains have huge potential to provide significant cultural, economic and social benefits in Wales.

Current status: The consultation is now closed.

Changes to the rules of registration for and

Under the current rules for registration of and, each company registered at Companies House is entitled to a unique domain name that exactly matches their company name.  In addition, the rules also state that any characters which cannot be represented in the Domain Name System, such as "&" or "@", are ignored. This has resulted in the potential for more than one company to be entitled to the same domain name and has created the potential for abuse.

Status: revisions to the rules will be implemented and communicated to stakeholders shortly.

Domain expiry policy

Nominet’s current policy enables registrants to renew their domain name up to 90 days after the renewal date, providing a degree of added-flexibility enabling the registrant to rectify non-renewal of the domain name. A number of developments have emerged within the domain industry and the purpose of this policy discussion was to increase transparency of transactions within the expiry period, provide increased protections for registrants and raise standards within the domain industry.

Current status: In October 2012 the Board approved the recommendation to implement a formal domain expiry policy as part of the new registrar agreement project.

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2013 Consultations

Registration of second level domain names

In summer 2013 we consulted on revised proposals to introduce registrations at the second level. (

Current status: In November 2013 Nominet announced its decision to introduce second level domain registration as part of a broader programme of work aimed at driving innovation, enhancing security and improving standards in the .uk namespace.

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