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How the .uk policy process works

The views of stakeholders are an important consideration in our policy development process. We actively engage with stakeholders on policy discussions and welcome contributions from all stakeholders. If you have thoughts or comments on a particular policy discussion you are invited to tell us what you think by emailing or calling us. We also host an Annual UK Policy Forum, to highlight and discuss key developments affecting the .uk internet space.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat manages the process for developing .uk policy and ensures that the Nominet Board is informed of the range of stakeholder perspectives so that it can make policy decisions.

The Secretariat reaches out to stakeholders and gathers input on specific topics. We may carry out internal research and commission external research to provide stakeholders with evidence based information to inform policy discussions. In some instances we also issue a call for experts on a particular topic and identify affected stakeholders to help form an issue group or roundtable forum to discuss issues in more detail. We consider how stakeholders may be affected by a proposed policy and provide policy advice to the Nominet Board.

The Secretariat usually publishes a summary of the feedback received throughout the course of the consultation. Whilst some comments will be reproduced we do not attribute comments to a particular person or organisation.

The .uk Policy Stakeholder Committee

The .uk Policy Stakeholder Committee supports the Secretariat in encouraging participation from stakeholders in policy discussions. Committee members offer an independent point of contact for stakeholders. They include expertise from the domain name and communications industries, government, regulatory and consumer organisations, and academia.

Getting involved

There are a number of ways for you to become involved. These include:

Considering current policy discussions

Contacting the Secretariat to highlight a topic you feel would benefit from consideration through the .uk policy process.

Registering your details with us so we can keep you updated on events and policy discussions

Attending our next Annual UK Internet Policy Forum

Responding to a call for issue group participants if you feel that you have the relevant skills and expertise

Participating in a roundtable discussion on a specific issue

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