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Domain expiry policy

Nominet’s current policy enables registrants to renew their domain name up to 90 days after the renewal date, providing a degree of added-flexibility enabling the registrant to rectify non-renewal of the domain name. A number of developments have emerged within the domain industry and the purpose of this policy discussion was to increase transparency of transactions within the expiry period, provide increased protections for registrants and raise standards within the domain industry.

The Secretariart has engaged with a range of stakeholders throughout the policy discussion.  An issue group constituted of a balance of representatio met 4 times between September 2011 and February 2012.  The executive summaries and discussion documents from these meetings may be accessed here:

27 September 2011: The issue group discussed their terms of reference and were presented with an overview of the findings of the independent research.

1 November 2011: The discussion further explored measures to increase transparency and additional protections for registrants.

6 December 2011: The issue group discussion considered a discussion document drafted by the Secretariat which highlighted points around how to ensure registrants have a reasonable opportunity to renew, transparency, rights within the expiry period and what was agreed to be outside the scope of the group.

Following the 6 December meeting the Secretariat produced a first set of draft recommendations and a draft framework for expiry. Stakeholders were invited to give feedback.

29 February 2012: The issue group discussed the feedback received from stakeholders and examined options to move the discussion forward. It was agreed that the Secretariat should produce a revised set of draft recommendations which incorporated the feedback from stakeholders and the views of the issue group.

A second paper with revised recommendations incorporating feedback from stakeholders was published together with consultation recommendations.  Stakeholders were invited to provide feedback to the consultation by 3 September 2012.

In October 2012 the Board approved the recommendation to implement a formal domain expiry policy as part of the new registrar agreement project.

24 June 2013: We have launched the second stage of the review of the .uk Registrar Agreement which is the contract that governs the commercial relationship between Nominet and its channel of Registrars that sell .uk domain names. The recommendations taken up by the Board for a domain expiry policy have been incorporated into the revised Agreement and we would welcome feedback from stakeholders. 

More information can be found here and stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the revised Agreement until the 12 September 2013. 
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