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Dealing with domain names used in connection with criminal activity

Update 3 April 2014: We are updating our terms and conditions to reflect a change in policy following Lord Macdonald’s report.

At the beginning of 2011, Nominet commenced a discussion with our stakeholders on how we might address the criminal use of .uk domain names.

This policy discussion has examined whether changes to our Registrant Terms and Conditions are necessary to enable Nominet to suspend .uk domains where we (Nominet) have reasonable grounds to believe they are being used to commit a crime.

This process included broad stakeholder engagement, consultations and the constitution of an issue group to discuss the wide ranging perspectives. The issue group met six times between March 2011 and January 2012. The executive summaries and discussion documents from these meetings may be accessed here:

4 April 2011: The issue group were presented with an overview of feedback from stakeholders to date and discussed the terms of reference and scope of the work of the issue group going forward.

20 May 2011: The issue group discussion focused on a paper drafted by the Secretariat highlighting the areas of consensus and areas for further discussion agreed by the group at the April meeting. The discussion of the group focused around the slides prepared by the Chair.

The Secretariat received further written input from the Alliance Against IP Theft, JUSTICE, and LINX in relation to the issue group discussion to date.

6 July 2011: Following this meeting the first set of draft recommendations were published based on the discussion of the issue group so far. Stakeholders were invited to give feedback on the draft recommendations.

21 September 2011: The discussion focused around the slides prepared by the Chair and a document produced by some of the participants of the group. Following the meeting a second set of draft recommendations were published and stakeholders were invited to give feedback.

20 October 2011: The group discussed the revised draft recommendations. Following this meeting the Secretariat drafted and published a third set of draft recommendations. Stakeholders were invited to give feedback.

12 January 2012: Participants of the group were invited to explore how the group might move forward in terms of scope and direction. Despite the positive contributions of all participants, the group could not reach full and clear consensus. Nominet's Executive confirmed it would provide our Board with a report reflecting the spectrum of views expressed in the issue group discussions and wider stakeholder input.

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